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Make your business known by sending free and personalized SMS to your customers.

Quickly broadcast precious information and special offers to your contacts by SMS in numbers and increase your visibility!...

We help clients develop effective and cost-effective marketing strategies that align with their goals.

Our goal is to help clients develop effective and efficient marketing strategies that align with their objectives. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and translate them into best-in-class strategies that leverage the latest tools and technologies.

About us

My name is Didj and I am the owner of Marketing SMS Free, a marketing company located in UK. We offer a wide range of marketing services, includingSMS advertising. We offer customized marketing solutions to our clients. We strive to offer solutions that adapt to their needs and budget. Our goal is to help them reach their business targets and improve their online presence. We pride ourselves on providing quality marketing services to our clients and helping them achieve their information goals.


Marketing SMS Free is an exceptional company that offers us simple and effective marketing solutions.
I was very pleased with the service and support they provided me. I highly recommend their services!...

  • Gestion contacts


    A tool to efficiently and quickly manage your contacts and mailing lists.

  • SMS sending


    A simple and reliable solution for sending SMS messages to customers or prospects.

  • SMS campaigns


    A platform to create and manage targeted SMS campaigns for customers and prospects.


Enjoy Free SMS!

«Marketing SMS Free is the best service I have ever used. It allows fast and reliable communication with my clients. I highly recommend it.'»

Jane Smith

«Marketing SMS Free is a French company specializing in the distribution and sending of free advertising SMS. The service is quick, simple and offers a convenient solution for promoting your brand. Start sending advertising SMS to your customers today! that's great!...»

John Doe

Mailing SMS or e-mail?...

The choice between sending a mailing by SMS or by e-mail depends on the target audience and the objectives of the marketing campaign. Text messages are generally more effective for reaching younger audiences and for urgent or highly targeted messages, while emails are better suited for larger campaigns with richer content and longer-term goals. It is important to take into account the communication preferences of the recipients and to ensure that the method of sending chosen complies with marketing laws and regulations.

Indeed, adding a link to a landing page or a website in the body of your SMS can be very useful for collecting information on your customers and prospects or for retrieving a list of guests to an event.

With Marketing-sms-free, you can easily create mobile-optimized landing pages and websites and add them to your SMS campaigns. Here's how:

  • Log in to your Marketing-sms-free account.
  • Create a landing page or website tailored to your purpose. You can use the Marketing-sms-free editor to customize your design and add forms to collect information about your customers.
  • Copy the link to your landing page or website and paste it into the body of your SMS. You can use a URL shortening service to make your link shorter.

Send your SMS to your mailing list and follow the results. You can use Marketing-sms-free's monitoring tools to measure the effectiveness of your campaign and adjust your strategy accordingly.
In summary, adding a link to a landing page or a website in your SMS can allow you to collect information on your customers and prospects or retrieve a list of guests at an event. Use Marketing-sms-free to easily create mobile-optimized landing pages and websites and track your campaign results to adjust your strategy accordingly.

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